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New movie: having a glass of wine with Amaya

We walked around a park with a fountain and people walking by. Everybody was staring at Amaya beauty and charisma, a guy asked also to have a selfie with her:)

But only after a glass of wine, she lost control and started to be hot and sexy...

The movie is published here

If you missed the news about photoset you can look at it here

Here some comments by Metart members:


Thank you for capturing Amaya's beauty on film, Robert. Love how she kept running her hands over her soft skin.


With no new sets in May or June I was starting to worry that we'd seen the last of Amaya. How wonderful to discover that was not the case! Getting to see her in motion, and without her tattoos edited out, is even more delightful.

Also, I'm a compete sucker for a woman with a pierced tongue, so if I didn't already have a huge crush on Amaya, I would now!


I enjoy it when things get a little more real with models here on MA. It was fun to spend some time outdoors at the fountain with Amaya and then to see her enjoy a glass of wine before dancing in the living room. It gives a little more of a glimpse into what it would be like to spend a day with Amaya. Getting to see her take her clothes off is icing on the cake.

I would absolutely love the chance to see Amaya on MetartX one of these days if she's at all inclined to do those kinds of videos.


I love movies like this, where the girl is clothed for a good part of the video before getting naked. It's much more seductive. The video was almost perfect; it would have been with about two more minutes.

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