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New movie: an Epic movie for Metart

We have commented on this epic project as "people will love it or hate it, but it will be memorable" and it sure is!

The idea was born when we learned that Savana was a fire dancer, a professional artist who has done shows around Europe and we had the opportunity to create something truly unique in the history of Metart.

We want to show that Metart is not just a collection of vaginas, but it can be a place where artists can express eroticism in their own way.

It was possible to realize this project thank to Metart managers who believed in it and thank to Savana who made a fantastic work even if it was her first time in a movie.

The movie is published here

If you missed the news about photoset you can look at it here

Don't forget it'll be continued on MetartX!

Here some comments by Metart members:


Wow! Epic, indeed! This is a triumph of visual storytelling and erotic fantasy. I absolutely loved how Savana's sensual movements and expressions brought this story to life.

The music completed the film: somewhat rustic for the goddess, mysterious in places as she's back in real life wondering what has come over her.

Savana is perfect for the role: tanned, curvaceous and sexy, but also imposing, she could be an ancient warrior or pagan goddess to be feared and admired.

This must have taken some planning and execution. Full credit to RG for doing something so original and different! I remember I was a bit critical of the photo set that told this story, and I admit, also a bit hasty to comment. RG said at the time, something like: people will either love it or hate it, but it will be memorable. Well, sir, never a truer word was said on MetArt.


I was quite taken by the photo set back in November; this video is... um... an epic addition to my growing Savana collection. I love watching her gorgeous shapes as she performs her nude fire dance. She moves like she's in love with her body.

Paired with the scenes of her reading her book (and the implication that she's performing some magic on herself just off camera), this makes for a truly unique and marvelous presentation on this site.


Wow! I recall enjoying the picture set. This is a whole new level. From about the 9 minute mark, this movie was super stimulating. Thanks, Savana and Robert, for a very enjoyable beginning to my day.

Howard 68

Savana is very beautiful. This film was very entertaining. I hope there will be more like it!


Atmospheric, high erotic and very special film - fire dance and more :) Savanna moves her gorgeous body and plays her role fantastically :) Beautifully captured in image and sound by Robert Graham :)

Sir Lexington Smythe

Puts the Art in Met-Art! Great production value, atmosphere, lighting, etc. Technical, artistic and erotic. I am on the edge of seat in anticipation of the sequel over on Met-Art-X. Fantastic work by Savana and Robert Graham.


Very Unique & Arrousing Thrill Ride! Many Thanks to Gorgeous Allurrrring Savana & Master Artist Robert.

Check the other movies on our website

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