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Mixed Blood

Biology has it very clear: when sister and brother get children and their children get children together too, and their children again... things become pretty ugly from the 3rd or 4th generation! And when people live in smaller cities or even villages with a 3-digit number of population and they stay secluded with each other, they become easily a target for suggestive comments about incestuous ways of living. Fact is: when humankind had behaved much more peaceful and lovingly towards each other all over the world from the very beginning of history writing, we all would have a very pleasant caramel or even darker skin tone and this would be very healthy for all of us. Maybe we would be easier able to fight against incoming ghastly viruses as we prove to be now over the last year. Also fact is: the aristocratic and nationalist efforts of earlier centuries to keep bloodlines pure is been proven as very unhealthy and decadent ill-breeding.

The resulting political aspects of it you can all read in 1000s of daily News articles all over the world and I don't give it much space here. This is Nude Art World. And Nude Art World - very different to Porn World - is almost since forever almost exclusively populated by Czech, Ukrainian and Russian models. There maybe are 2 or 3 German models, one with Greek origin and quite some with roots from the Far East, too. But all in all we can call those few models by name! What is a handful of models from other countries in over 20 years against 20-30 new models every month all coming from the Czech, Ukrainian and Russian areas? Let me get it right: there is nothing - not in the least - to say against their enormous beauty! They are the most beautiful. That's what is said in common parlance and I can see nothing talking against that.

But how sure can we be about it without looking over the borders we obviously built in our own perceptions? What do we ignore and what lies behind the world, regular paysites built up for us in over 20 years? How can I assure myself that I do NOT live in a secluded valley with a 3-digit population, which is already about to become ugly? Metaphorically said. When I look at the new talent Savana I see that there is no problem at all. We just need creatives who start to broaden their own horizons and look for new models in a less self-restricted way. Why not make Nude Art World more colorful? Why do we replace redhead Model A with redhead Model B and A-Cup Model X with A-Cup Model Y, when we can have Savana with original, extremely hot features, which not remind us of any other model before, but only let us think about her, Savana? Let us NOT linger in the incestuous same old, same old for any longer. Let us re-awake our curiosity for nude female beauty and let us broaden our horizons. My own backpack is packed for the journey.

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