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Lottie: behind the screen

Lottie Magne is here, I'm 22 years old, Russian adult performer and illustrator, I want to tell you something about my art.

As a run-of-the-mill student attending scenography lectures, I would say 'all starts with the canvas.' I said that because I loved these lectures and respected our teacher, but she had a negative attitude towards digital painting.

So let's keep the fact that for me it all starts with a small screen, a secret. No brushes around, no paints and no pages from books that are used as a palette. Just small screen, stylus and me.

If you're an Apple's fan, then you already know the best drawing app. This is Procreate. And I highly recommend it, because it has a very advanced functionality. I have Samsung tablet and i draw in Medibang paint. I'm used to it and it is convenient for me, although I lack many options...

One illustration can take up to 3-8 hours of work. I know this is a lot, but I'm a leisurely and slow person in everything, to be honest.

When it comes to inspiration, I never know what to say. You either live in such a way that you constantly draw new ideas for yourself, or you live in such a way that you are waiting for a red signal or a secret sign to do something. Inspiration may not come, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't create something new. After all, I'm my own inspiration.

Thank you for your attention! If you have questions, appreciations, criticism, i'd be happy to answer to your comments and interact with you here!

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