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Lottie in (erotic) Wonderland

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

After having photographed many girls, from every country in the world, you get an idea of ​​a "standard" model.

When you meet Lottie, you enter the world of special people, who have talent, creativity and a sensitivity different from others. Today I want to take you to Lotti's Wonderland, to let you discover who is behind the pornstar you see and enjoy in her videos.

If you met her while shopping at the supermarket, you would never imagine the explosive erotic charge she shows in front of the camera, just as you would not know her innate talent for drawing, in fact she is a very reserved girl and knows how to hide some parts of her character.

She started drawing a little over a year ago, learning only the basics in school, as a pastime to relax after work or while she was on the bus. She had already started working as a cam girl before and later as a porn actress, so when she started drawing, she combined the two and started creating erotic drawings in digital format.

Her sensitivity, combined with her talent and her passion for sex, today become very interesting images that in the future, we wish her, will lead her to create exhibitions and comics.

I thank Lottie for accepting my invitation to write about her work as an artist on this blog and I hope you will appreciate her not only for her sexual performance but also as a brilliant cartoonist.

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