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Leona Mia and the Hotel Room Mystery

Leona Mia walks on a sidewalk in a short red, strapless dress. Along her way you will notice that she wears no panties. Her mood is... unexcited, but not devastated. Maybe tired? We'll never know.

Minutes later she'll be in her hotel room and things start to be a bit more familiar for us. But not yet. She arrives at the hotel and she enters the elevator. Before the door closes she lifts up her dress, shows us her naked pussy and laughs. What is she thinking? Why the laughs? Next we'll see her on a stairway. Was the elevator broken? Did she miss the right floor? Or is she on her way to the roof? When we finally arrive in her hotel room with the longhaired beauty our minds are full of questions.

I'm talking about an Erotic Art photo set here, "Try Me On" with Leona Mia, published at Femjoy, shot by Robert Graham. It was my first set I ever consciously perceived as a photo set shot by Robert Graham. And it blew me away! THAT was the photo set I always waited for. The center piece of it, taking place in a hotel room with a clothes rack and a bed in it, is extremely beautiful, but not necessarily re-invents Erotic Art photo sets. What makes the difference is, that on her way up to the room I feel summoned to empathically sink into the happening! It forces me to understand what is going on. And whatever I - or anyone of you - makes out of the initial storyline - on the street, in the elevator, on the stairs - it will not get lost up in her hotel room! It will influence the mood and the meaning of everything happening during the 'regular' Nude Art bed scene which is following. You can decide yourself if you are watching a crime story, a love story, a drama or something completely different. Or better: don't make a decision! Watch the beginning of "Try Me On" with Leona Mia and let the answers (or the questions) come by themselves into your mind. Let yourself be inspired by the beginning of this amazing Erotic Story in your head! Watch it on a big screen! With a SLOW slideshow adjustment, don't skip any photos and never, NEVER dare to watch a photo set on a smartphone!

The existence alone of this fabulous set is a miracle! Shooting a photo set is a lot of work. Preparation, post-production. The lighting, oh my, the lighting. Not without reason we have so many photo sets on bed, on couch, in the kitchen. Preparing a bed scene shoot can follow a traditional routine. The idea alone to make a photo set for a regular paysite like Femjoy and shoot it in 4 locations (with lighting for each of them!) is a crazy idea! Unless - that's my thought - you really wanted that to happen. Breaking through the endlessly returning procedures, taking the audience serious by giving them not to wank, but the possibility to feel something! Providing the option to invent a background story which will define the mood and the story of the whole set!

Since I saw this masterpiece for the first time, I get sensitive for the name Robert Graham. I found more masterpieces. And even his most mainstream-y sets I explore with sharp eyes, open mind and investigative intuition. This man - that much I'm certain - works with his brain and not with his prejudices about my wanking schedule. THAT's the way to get collectors and connoisseurs hooked. Thank you so much and never stop doing it!

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