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Ariel Piper Fawn

I can easily say that my life in Nude Art World began with Ariel Piper Fawn. It's a more daring assertion to say, that Nude Art World itself began with Ariel Piper Fawn. And even when this may not be completely true, when you follow my thoughts you will agree, that there is something about it!

When I came to Nude Art World, I started to look around. My new girlfriend was a permanent member at Met and this was reason enough to be at least interested. I looked at all kinds of sites as far as I could do that without being a member and my main question then was: What kinds of women are erotic models? I had only very vague and biased expectations, but very soon I learned two things: there was a striking, incredibly beautiful woman with red hair as a trademark and she was EVERYwhere! And: this woman's profile pics had the important message for me! She told me: "I'm at home here! This is where I want to be!" And THAT self-confidence was contagious! The recurring profile pics of this one woman on every site began to make ME feel at home too, and told me that here is a whole world to discover and the different places are connected! Since I had access to Met with my new girlfriend I watched her Met sets and somewhere in this process I got hooked. Again: she was SO beautiful! Nobody can ever be more beautiful than her! And there was this immediate feeling of professionalism. And quality. And philosophy! Nude Art for me became lifestyle, positivity and even emotion, feelings, due to the intense performance of Ariel Piper Fawn.

Doors opened in my mind and the only thing I wanted, was to see everything she ever made. That's me! I can be lazy, but what I do, I'm doing right. And so began a long journey, which not only led me to all sites! It also led me back in time to her earliest publications! I got to know this beautiful world of nudity by the complete content of Ariel Piper Fawn. I studied styles, developments, ways of performance in sets and movies. I experienced the differences between her earliest sets and her newest releases. I discovered the history of Nude Art World of the ten and more years before my arrival. I started to appreciate it. I got filled with respect for this form of art! I always love artful things and I discovered the art of Nude Art by the work of Ariel Piper Fawn, the woman who was so popular, so good in what she did and so important as a model, that no site dared to exist without having at least one release, if not a larger group of content with her! She was obviously needed not only to gain new members, but also to make a quality statement! "We have Ariel Piper Fawn, so we are precious, important, ambitious and demanding."

What I saw by following her made me realize: things in Nude Art World, quality standards, structures, categories - and also the attitude of models about being a professional erotic model! - did not exist from the very beginning! They developed! What is a photo set? How many pics? What can be presented in a photo set? What can't? And movies: the pure idea to make Erotic movies without masturbation, but with meditational aspects, full of lifestyle and feelings must be called revolutionary! The more I saw of Ariel Piper Fawn it became clear to me, that she not only was there when those structures, possibilities, quality standards were invented and processed for the first time! She very likely was in conversation with the other creatives! She told them what she can do or not. And what she wanted to do! She was one of the most active and creative models for the most of the 00s, when this all happened! She was a part of building the houses and landscapes we live in today! So yes, Nude Art World as I know and love it, started its existence during her active time. And since she was everywhere, even when I can only guess how influential she was at that time, but she was a star, a Megastar, so it CAN be said that Nude Art World began with and was at least co-created by Ariel Piper Fawn! And when I ever write a book about Nude Art World - it's tempting! - the first chapters, maybe the first half of it, must be told from her perspective. There's no alternative to that.

So, back (or forth) to the time when I came here and saw her profile pics: the fascination for this woman can be explained by her highest, exciting beauty alone, but I'm very sure that her eyes mirrored her experience for me to get aware of, the professionalism, the creative power she needed to be a part of the structuring, the foundation, the creation of a whole new world. And WHEN there was a possibility not to fall into serious and deepest admiration to her, I missed it in that moments when I saw this fascinating, adorable and intense woman as an essential part of a bigger picture.

Now, some years later, I've seen every part of Nude Art World several times! I love many models, many sites and all kinds of different ways of Erotic Art. But I still think that she is one of, if not THE most beautiful, original and important person in it! I know that she is still active as producer and behind the camera. She's still influential and exploring new ways to present and experience one of the most beautiful worlds of artful creativity. And to new fans of Erotic Art I say: when you are serious, when you really want to know what this is all about, when you are an explorer and a real lover of art and beauty, Ariel Piper Fawn IS the beginning of your journey through the vast and beautiful and mindnumbing landscapes of Nude Art World. Landscapes she discovered, explored and shaped.

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