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The beauty behind the photos

Erotic Art is one of the most positive and optimistic art forms ever! It's about being impressed! About appreciation. Paintings and drawings, comic books and yes, even photography depend on the message the creator wants to give. On their perception of life. The results aren't necessarily optimistic. In Erotic Art this is different. It focusses on beauty. On nude bodies to be precise. The results affect everybody, man and woman alike, in a very positive way.

Let us take a look at Roze! Her athletic, slender body is a delight! We think about love and affection. Her wild red hair adds the flavor of freedom to it. And her most striking feature, the sweetest, beautiful freckles in her amazing countenance make her irresistibly lovable. Lovers of pure body presentation will get wild for Roze! Her body IS impressive. And deserves any of the appreciation she will get with perfect certainty!

There is something more about Roze. Something which often gets too few attention. Many T+A lovers tend to forget that their admiration, caused by a seemingly visual medium gets attracted by much more features than they see! And I don't talk about technical tools of photography. I talk about character. Radiance. The aura of a personality! You can't point on it in a photo. You can't plan it. Not control it. But when it's there, it is THE feature which makes you return to a model. Which makes you collect her work. Makes you watch single sets again and again. The fascination of a model's character is what covers the events in a photo set like an enigma, an underlying theme you can feel, but not describe at first. Welcome to the world of a 'real' character model. She's beautiful, fascinating in appearance and performance skills and additionally she makes photos talk to you! A photo set becomes a model's way to explain the world! And her beauty, her radiance makes you listen. One photo after the next, and again with every arriving new set.

Roze exudes the essential elements of being a 'character model'. You will not watch her sets and think at any time that you've seen her body and want to see another next. There is the enigma, the possibility to see yourself in relation to a wonderful woman and you feel the urge to debate your own, optimistic fascination for her. With her. Not only in words, but physically too. Erotic Art, the message in the photos, is amalgamation of body and soul. Not always, but in the best of cases. Roze certainly IS the best of cases. And - full circle - she can be a part of making you appreciate the beauty of the world, making Erotic Art the optimistic form of art it ever was meant to be.

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